cheerleadersounds’s avatarDescribing themselves as "Hazy electro-pop" this quintet from Philadelphia have labelled themselves accurately. With influences ranging from the Beach Boys and Pixies to the likes of Otis Redding, Philly five-piece Cheerleader started making music in the bedroom of their band members but now they've taken things further afield with a series of impressive and captivating demos.
The crisp production on tracks such as 'Do What You Want' and 'New Daze' allows vocals to flutter and warming melodies to caress ears of listeners. The twinkling chorus on the latter track is rich and layered which aids the epically delicious nature of the tunes that they exist in.
Propelled by ambition, 2014 is set to be an exciting and formative year for Cheerleader. With a forthcoming slot at this year's annual SXSW held in Austin, Texas, the level of success facing Cheerleader could soon change this spring so keep an eye out for them.

Words Lauren Wade

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