Burning Beaches

London four-piece Burning Beaches are a group whose rock sleaze has already caught the attention of Noel Fielding and Wolf Alice's Ellie Rowsell, but now they're on their way to bigger and brighter things. Their tracks, that have been played on Absolute Radio, are wilder than anything we've heard before. Thought Drenge were hardcore? Think again.

Burning Beaches create sharp and violent blues-rock with a sinister twist and the bass is to die for. This grungy foursome don't do things by halves and there is more to them than merely hype so get yourself hooked and you'll never look back. Of course, their wonderful noise-encrusted sound shouldn't come as a surprise; hailing from the musical hotbed of Camden has some advantages, which are clearly at work here.
The abrasive roars of 'Sink Or Swim' leaves you wondering where this band have been all your life, whilst the injection of sleaze and venom on 'Marilyn' is an epic jam that keeps on giving and manages to tip them into the big leagues. Everything will now be measured against these early, formative releases - but we just know they will continue to get bigger and better with age. Need some more assurance of their feel-good vibes? The swelling riffs and throbbing guitar of 'Wo'man' will do it for you if nothing else. What are you waiting for? Get Burning Beaches in your life.

Words Lauren Wade

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