Best Friends

Hailing from Sheffield, garage surf-pop four-piece Best Friends have already marked themselves out for greatness in 2014. It appears the musical hotbed of Sheffield has spat out another fantastic home-grown talent in the form of this group, who are influenced by the likes of The Beach Boys, Black Lips, Phil Spector and The Ramones.  

Since their formation in early 2011, they have played shows across the country with Django Django and Cults. Now we're enjoying the fruits of their labour on a much wider scale, whilst expecting them to achieve nationwide success if they keep it up.
Asserting their hit potential from the opening bars of 'Happy Anniversary' which upon initial listening sounds similar to Peace's 'California Daze', Best Friends have set their own musical bar remarkably high. The clatter of sunshine-soaked melodies and fuzzy, reverb heavy guitars are illegally good and their tune 'Nosebleeds' is another that will get people talking.

'Nosebleeds' is also one that appears effortlessly chilled, whilst allowing the epic instrumentation to blow minds. Best Friends cause ripples of delights as pure magic unfolds and spreads across the surface with every new release.
With Best Friends there is plenty to celebrate; why not take a leaf out of their book and party hard to their tracks. We're buying into it and you should too.

Words Lauren Wade

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