All We Are

All We Are’s avatarDescribing themselves as "Bee Gees on diazepam", Liverpool trio All We Are come complete with drowsy, sun-bleached melodies that survives on nothing but bare ambition. Having supported Everything Everything and Warpaint in the past, the group signed to Double Six/Domino take their influences from Metronomy, Outkast and Radiohead to name but a few.
Last year's debut from the northern three-piece 'Utmost Good' is the blueprint for All We Are's entire philosophy wrapped up in a sub-four minute track and we're buying into it. Already they have set seriously impressive standards to live up to after their quasi-psychedelic debut hit the airwaves but it's not enough; we want more from them.

With occasional searching and yearning moments at the forefront of their sound, this taste of what to expect has got us seriously craving another hit of their intoxicating beats. Just like Warpaint, they swoon like the sound of love itself and we'll be keeping a close eye on them. Psychedelia has re-flowered and produced All We Are and for this we are thankful.

Words Lauren Wade

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