Rock Revolver's Albums of 2013 - Part 2

The second part of our annual festive album countdown sees established rock artists make waves with 2013 releases that surprised and delighted. Part 2 of our ultimate 2013 album coverage covers #10 to #6. As always, there is a little something tucked away for everyone.
10 - Paul McCartney 'New'
Fans of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney were dubious to say the least when the music icon announced news of latest album 'New'. As his sixteenth studio album, 'New' sees McCartney cover old ground in a nostalgic manner whilst incorporating elements of a feel-good nature that'll have you bopping along, even if you're one of those annoying music snobs who thinks McCartney's past his time.

Having enlisted the production skills of four producers, Sir Macca compiled one of his greatest albums in a very long time. Stand-out tracks include the effortless 'Queenie Eye' with smooth guitar lines and understated psychedelic vibes. Soulful slow-jam 'Everybody Out There' is another highlight conveying the sparkle McCartney has never once lost throughout his extensive career (no, not even at last year's Olympic opening ceremony).

'New' was released on 14th October and charted at #3 in the UK Albums Chart.

9 - Miles Kane 'Don't Forget Who You Are'
Wirral Riddler Miles Kane pulled out all of the stops on the follow-up to 2011's 'Colour Of The Trap'. The result was a strong second that proved to fans Kane is more than just Alex Turner's mate.

'Don't Forget Who You Are' is an album that sees Kane encompass a heavier sound, no doubt influenced from his time spent with the iconic Paul Weller. Big moments come thick and fast in the form of opening number 'Taking Over' and the achingly cool 'You're Gonna Get It' which aptly Weller features on.

'Don't Forget Who You Are' was released on 03rd June and charted at #8 in the UK Albums Chart.

8 - Queens of the Stone Age '...Like Clockwork'
Slick desert dwellers Queens of the Stone Age returned on top form with the release of sixth studio album '...Like Clockwork'. The album features guest appearances from frontman Josh Homme's musician pals notably: Alex Turner, Dave Grohl, Sir Elton John, Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan and ex-bassist Nick Oliveri.

The deeply immersive listen embeds swelling riffs against a backdrop of gigantic sleazy hooks. It's almost impossible to come away feeling without feeling filthy and ready for an adventure of your own; we call that 'the Homme effect'.

Every single track featured on their highest ever charting UK album is worthy of a mention, although it's tracks like 'Smooth Sailing' with it's sleazy sizzles and urgent appeal and the swelling intensity of 'Fairweather Friends' that has enabled Queens of the Stone Age to take that next step forward.

'...Like Clockwork' was released on 03rd June and charted at #2 in the UK Albums Chart.

7 - Little Green Cars 'Absolute Zero'
Dublin folk-rock quintet Little Green Cars released their debut 'Absolute Zero'  earlier in the year that set them up for tremendous success to follow. Having supported Jake Bugg on tour and appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the group continue to go from strength to strength - having a weapon like 'Absolute Zero' in their arsenal is one which will only propel them to greater heights in 2014. 

Blending references to classic literature with melodies comparable to Mumford & Sons, their sound has been described as "post-folk in a very 2013 way". Tracks such as the kooky feel-good 'Angel Owl' and stirring previous hit 'The John Wayne' with its succulent melodies and grasping nature has only contributed to the appeal that sets them apart and allows them to exist unrivalled. 

If 2013 has seen them broaden their horizons and mould into rising stars; 2014 will see them soar. Absolute Zero? Try absolute heroes. 
'Absolute Zero' was released on 13th May and charted at #94 in the UK Albums Chart.

6 - Peace 'In Love'
As pioneers of the B-Town movement, the original wave of talent comprising of Peace, Swim Deep, Superfood and Troumaca took the UK by storm and proved that talent could be found elsewhere - not just Manchester. 

Neo-psych saviours Peace justified the hype that surrounded them in their formative phase and went above and beyond to craft a debut that bubbled with brilliance. Last year's 'EP Delicious' signalled the start of what was to follow. 

The Brummie outfit consists of brothers Harry and Sam Koisser who play alongside Doug Castle and Dom Boyce. The four-piece's glowing psychedelic debut mixes massive catchy choruses as heard on 'Wraith' and 'Bloodshake' with more tender moments on 'Float Forever' and the ground-breaking drop incorporated in '1998'.

'In Love' was released on 25th March and charted at #16 in the UK Albums Chart.

Words Lauren Wade

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