The Rebel Light 'Jukebox Dream'

If you like your music with throwback vibes; Southern-Californian trio The Rebel Light are your go-to guys. Basking in all its DIY glory, their new track 'Jukebox Dream' is driven by retro-tinged guitar lines that flow into smooth instrumentation, accompanied by a crisp vocal.
Carving out a personality of their own, the trio sweep listeners into a dreamy, hazy state where the 60s never ended and overdosing on flower power riffs is considered standard practise. Lyrics like "I fell for you, I got a love that's come true" are textbook but nothing can be deducted from the feel-good factor at work here. Looking to recapture a part of that 60s spirit? Give a listen to this Lennonesque group and prepare to fall slowly and then all at once for their light-hearted thrills.

Words Lauren Wade

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