If you're a fan of The Wytches' brand of psychedelic surf-doom, then prep your ears for a similar treat arriving in the form of Southampton-based four-piece Fever. With distorted guitars galore and impassioned vocals by the bucket load, the band also drape themselves in memorable melodies and blaze with promise.

Not much is known about Fever, although a main ambition of the group is to be "popular enough to be able to slap Harry Styles and get away with it." Enlisting the production skills of Wild Smiles' Chris Peden, Fever's debut track 'Shell Shock' is one that employs psychedelic power riffs - veering  away from accusations of being just another group of throwaway surf revivalists.
What differs and works to their credit is that there is none of that hazy, paisley business going on, no drug-induced drones either. 'Shell Shock' is blanketed by a washed out riff that loops throughout the track and leaves Fever indebted only to themselves.
If you're looking for a slice of psych that leaves the flower power mentality securely locked away; you've come to the right place. Before you know it, you'll have a Fever taking over your body and we're not talking about the virus.

Words Lauren Wade

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