Thom Morecroft 'You're Wrong About Me'

Liverpool based singer/songwriter Thom Morecroft (originally from Shropshire) is back with new single 'You're Wrong About Me' featuring fully developed clean playing and a corrosively beautiful nature. The sub-four minute track is a dreamy wonder from start to finish, although it's the dusty yet accessibly hooky chorus that sparks attention.
Morecroft sticks to his trademark winning formula of folkpop acoustic numbers and it's at this point where subtlety replaced bravado, in a manner that grabs you by the scruff of your collar and demands you listen to these delicate sounds. Any new offering from Thom Morecroft is bound to be special, but 'You're Wrong About Me' is sharp, emotive and accomplished; it shows exactly what he's capable of. Let's hope this track sees him move on to bigger and better things soon.
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