The Illustrations '18th Century Romantic Poets'

Swindon duo, The Illustrations stand apart from their fellow musicians, blending a mix of nu-psych rock with breathy, pillow-talk vocals. Their track '18th Century Romantic Poets' opens with a psychedelic corkscrew riff that sets the pace for what's to follow in the next four and a bit minutes.  
Sounding slightly like The Beatles 'Get Back' in places, the sheer force of their sound cannot and shouldn't be undermined. Whilst, they may be fairly unknown in the industry, the instrumentation is strung together professionally with additional polish that sees them destined for bigger things. Still not convinced? What really works here is that they're not trying to outshine each other, they harmonise in every possible sense of the word, resulting in an end product that's slick and waiting to be unwrapped. Give them a listen - it'll be the best decision you'll make all day.

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