Burning Condors 'Last Train Home'

Following the release of their debut album 'Round Our Way' last month, London four-piece Burning Condors are back with the brilliant 'Last Train Home'. The track sees the group sounding like they've spent far too much time holed up in Joshua Tree with Josh Homme and co; expect a storm of frenzied beats and chest-thumping volume.
A tune that is likely to see them heighten their standing, 'Last Train Home' opens with a riff that allows them to sound like returning heroes. Whilst, we find them in stoner rock mode once more, the tired comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age can well and truly be dropped - Burning Condors craft music that is undeniably theirs time and time again and will unquestionably propel them to further success.
'Last Train Home' is released via Snakehand Records on Monday October 28th.
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