MGMT 'Cool Song No. 2'

With the release of their self-titled album, American psych-rock quintet MGMT have also released new track 'Cool Song No. 2'. As a band best known for their scattered hits through the years, the follow-up to previous material could have gone either way, fortunately their third release is saved by a sprinkling of weird and wacky in the form of this particular track.
An initial listen, will leave you questioning who created this shadowy psych swirl; it's almost unrecognisable from any direction the group have ventured into before. As we delve deeper into their curious new sound, we discover that what works foremost is that their psychedelic, soulful slow jam casts a haze over listeners in a fashion that has not been done before - not from MGMT anyway. Whilst this is no lyrical masterpiece, the band have definitely unleashed a tune on unsuspecting ears that will continue to flourish due to its entrancing oddness.
WATCH the video for 'Cool Song No. 2' below.

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