Flyte 'Live'

Alternative London four-piece, Flyte cast themselves as a crossover between Theme Park, Franz Ferdinand and The 1975 on the debut EP Live. Citing their influences as Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Joy Divison, the currently unsigned group make a unique blend of indie rock that serves their style alone. Their debut three-track EP is due for release on 16 September, and with Radiohead engineer and Vaccines producer Dan Grech-Marguerat on board it sees the group penning light-hearted tunes that were made for the radio. 
Title track Over And Out is a bouncy little number with an infectious jerky groove. With hooks as glorious as what we're getting here, it will make people dance like they've been banned all their life (we're talking Footloose style). Frontman Will Taylor also has a deeply distinct vocal range that sets tracks apart. Followed by Chasing Heaven, Flyte come across all Kooks-esque on us, in a manner reminiscent of 2006's Na├»ve.
Finishing on a high note with Words Come Easily, the initial instrumental section works wonders, before dropping into Taylor's vocals once more. Throwing in a few mind-melting melodies here and there, it's proven  they're really on to something. For a bunch of newbies to be so slick and accomplished is no mean feat. After playing a sold-out show at the Lexington in London recently, it's clear the tides are turning and Flyte are about to undergo a journey that will see them reap the praise they undoubtedly deserve. Get on their sound and earn bragging rights whilst you still can.

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