Burning Condors 'Round Our Way'

Expect filthy riffs, chest thumping volume and frantic frenzies of instrumentation, on London four-piece Burning Condors' debut album Round Our Way. Recorded entirely at Stainless Sound Studios in Nashville, there is an undeniable American presence spilling out - you could be forgiven for mistaking this as one of Josh Homme's early efforts prior to fronting stoner rock band Queens of the Stone Age.
As a group who have rarely missed the mark when releasing singles ahead of this storming album. Its this offering which will see them sink or soar accordingly. The latter appears to be most favourable at this stage. Bookended by an opening number that has the ability to sweep listeners up into a seductive state, with synapse-melting riffs and hooks so good you'll never want to hit play on the next track, Dirty Girl Blues is undeniably anthemic and without pausing for breath, we can already tell this album is shaping up to be epic.
The collection of sleazy sizzles ends on a high note with aptly named Bringing Back the Blues, which does exactly what it says on the tin. In just over two minutes the band succeed in what they set out to achieve, taking us down a route of uncontrolled chaos and utter distortion. Other tracks such as Polka Dot Girl we've heard before, but nothing can be subtracted here. The lyrics contain a wealth of wit that will raise a smirk from your lips, whilst a swirling guitar solo is thrown in for good measure. It's clear now - we're falling more and more in love with Burning Condors by the second, and it helps that they sound like the greats.
Tunes such as Honey Trap and Killing Time will have critics on their knees worshipping the group, the faults are few and far between. However, these numbers are punctuated with a slow pace before everything is ramped up again, just before the energy dips into dangerous territory. Title-track Round Our Way has plenty of blistering guitar hooks to guarantee satisfaction, whilst Love on the Rocks mercilessly worms its way into your mind; there's no way you're being allowed to forget this track. Beginning with a high-pitched shriek of feedback, Twisted Kind of Bliss feels a little too samey to other tracks, but it's still better than the majority of tunes polluting the charts.
It's safe to say the musical climate has well and truly been raised to a supersonic level, with this debut release. If not for tracks like Dirty Girl Blues and Love is Dead, then there really would be reason to worry about the state of guitar music, but we can assure you if Burning Condors keep knocking out albums like these, guitar music will only increase in quality and demand. Give it a listen, add it to your music library and recommend it to all your friends because Burning Condors have created music that begs to be heard.


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