Arcade Fire 'Reflektor'

After a perpetual stream of campaigning in previous weeks, Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire's new track Reflektor leaked a day prior to the band's planned unveiling in New York City. With a fourth album (of the same name) scheduled for release in late October, the hype machine has gone into overdrive and is about to combust, but is the new track (thought to be the lead single from their forthcoming release) any good?
With David Bowie providing backing vocals, the sub-eight minute track is certainly not one to disappoint. The oddly infectious disco beat is a swift U-turn away from previous material, one that you wouldn't necessarily have them pinned down for, but yet sees them take their sound in the direction of the big time.  An audibly pleasing potential hit that will hook you on their sounds; if you weren't a fan of Arcade Fire before - you will be now.
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