Thomas McConnell 'John'

Existing in the same vein as previous efforts, Liverpool based singer/songwriter Thomas McConnell has released his new single John from the forthcoming EP Worried About Thomas McConnell. This tender, slow beauty is not a step up from anything we've heard by McConnell before, although the vocals blow in loose swirls around the track creating a dreamy and detached effect on listeners.
The video is remarkably similar to that of Arctic Monkeys' Cornerstone. It's a clever concept, and the simplicity allows an emphasis to be placed on the music - there's no frills attached. The question that gets stuck in your head whilst listening is: Who's John? Is it John Lennon, the Beatles icon that is thought to  have influenced many of McConnell's tunes? Or, perhaps the John in question is mythical, serving only for the sole purpose of the track. Whoever he is, the track is another reminder that Thomas McConnell certainly deserves more recognition than he receives.


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