The Strypes 'What A Shame'

Irish four-piece The Strypes have returned once more delivering the goods, on new single What a Shame. With blistering guitar hooks that provide a reason to get excited about music again, and enduring riffs galore - the young band have more than proved they are worthy at supporting Arctic Monkeys on their upcoming UK tour this autumn.
The signature dish on offer here is a brew of catchy retro guitar hooks, squalling guitar solos that are the musical equivalent of comfort food, and as ever their latest tune recalls the 50s. The musical stakes are rising and it's certainly not a playground game for the lads. They appear as professional as you can at 16/17, although sometimes it feels like they have it together, more so than some established rockers in their prime.
Rising in the ranks of the musical monarchy at a frightening pace, the band are getting there. The Strypes capture the raw energy and passion of their live sets in their recordings, which is something few others manage. Each release gets better and better, tantalisingly hinting that we are being led to the point where their career will implode, and they will scatter themselves among the bands that are really at the top of their game.
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