Haim 'The Wire'

They haven't released an album yet, and although iTunes is jam-packed with their glitzy retro EP's, you could easily forgive us for wanting more from Haim. Consisting of three sisters, with long flowing hair and attitude almost as impressive as the tunes, Alana, Danielle and Este are native Californians and they have crushed our longing, by dropping new track The Wire.
A radical step up from previous material, it appears all that time holed up in the studio, gearing up for their debut album has added new dimensions to the trio's sound. Slick layered guitar phrasing, assertive vocals and sharp guitar hooks are a triple threat Haim have pieced together to their advantage; they certainly know the formula for crafting a track that energises you.
To call The Wire otherworldly would be taking it a tad too far. Whilst the group have heated up the musical climate, the usual Haim-isms are present. With any of their songs, it's not too hard to imagine Este pulling that bass face and the trio do have a tendency to concentrate on cascading vocal harmonies.
Haim have many things going for them, but the one that draws our attention is the fact that with their searing guitars and faint echoes of Fleetwood Mac, they always remain unapologetic. It's clear they're making music for themselves and if others latch on then great. However, the lingering question here is how do we get hair like Haim?

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  1. Days Are Gone album by HAIM is out 9/30! Obsessing over this album already, soo good ! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/days-are-gone/id681237313