Go Fiasco 'Meet My Mystery'

Cutting CornersLiverpool has become a talking-point for its ever growing crop of raw talent and new music in recent years. With so much talent to be found in the city it can be hard to get yourself heard, but psych rockers Go Fiasco are amongst the northerners growing in popularity, whilst injecting that much needed dose of excitement and originality into the music industry. Could this four-piece be our saviours?
On first impressions alone, we've come over all attentive and eager to discover if the band's sound is as epic as their name. We're not disappointed. Go Fiasco's latest offering Meet My Mystery is a six track EP with an infectious beat threaded throughout. Guitarist Jamie Roberts ensures the energy never dips with dreamy riffs, twisting between the tracks yet up-keeping an integral presence. Roberts' Peace-esque guitar work also does a nice job of framing Daniel Duggan's smooth vocals.
A smug feeling arises when listening to this particular band, however it is stand-out tracks like Cutting Corners that really catch our attention. The tune is a woozy kind of effort which definitely belongs in the sexy stratosphere. There is no other place that would seem fitting. The Liverpool outfit provide us with a punchy beat too, leading us to the revelation that this is one sound tailored for festivals.

Shorter in comparison, title-track Meet My Mystery is a tune that dribbles into life before ramping things up. The riffs Go Fiasco deal in are undeniably addictive. If they were a substance, we could compare them to the fine batches that Breaking Bad's Walter White never fails to cook up. They're undeniably good and you can tell they deserve the positive reactions they're receiving. Go Fiasco's humble roots have served them well, let's hope they bypass the industry bark (which has a tendency to destroy even the best) and reach the peak of success on their own terms.


In our exclusive interview with the band, Go Fiasco speak to us about taking everything in their stride, the talent of Liverpool and much more...

Firstly, how did the 'Meet My Mystery' EP come to be?
We had crafted a whole new live set, which we were really proud of and decided to get it recorded in a demo form as quickly as possible, so that people could learn the words and sing along if they wanted to. This EP is quite different to the last one as it is the lastest experiment of ours as we try and find the sound we are searching for. We feel the last EP sounded better on record and this one sounds better live, the next EP will capture the best of both worlds. We are getting closer to our own unique sound.
What is your favourite track from the EP and why?
I think every one of us has different favourites, but it seems to be Heaven and Cutting Corners that most people connect with the quickest.
Are you championing any other local musicians?
It seems their is a lot of movement within Liverpool at the moment and some interesting musicians doing interesting things, however we haven't found any bands that are capturing the kind of vibe that we're striving for.
Do you have a stand-out career moment so far?
We try to just take it every day at a time, we do love what we do but, but because we're so fixated on creating something worthwhile, it feels as though the true highlights are still to come. Having the opportunity to play and create music every days is a highlight in itself.
Have you been out on the festival circuit yet?
With our current line-up we have been a band for little under a year, so unfortunately not, we are however excited for when the opportunity arises.
Which direction would you like to take your music in?
We've been working away and trying new things and now we have a few more tricks up our collective sleeve.
With so much talent around, what is it that makes you guys different?
We understand that less is more, but sometimes more is more than that.
Finally, what can we expect from the band in the nearby future?
A lot more...

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