Arctic Monkeys 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?'

Christmas has come early for Arctic Monkeys fans. The initial release date for the follow up single to previous effort Do I Wanna Know? was said to be August 12th. However, after that leak a couple of weeks ago. The Sheffield rock four-piece had obviously grown tired of all the monkey business, and decided to send their new track up into the sexy stratosphere and release it on their own terms. Good on ya, boys.
As one of the shorter tracks from the forthcoming fifth studio album AM (out September 9th), the band are keeping us slaves to the sound, and yes you will find yourself hitting replay as soon as it draws to an epic close. Just put it on a never-ending loop, you'll benefit yourself in the long run. In the video we see frontman Alex Turner appear on one very, very lucky girl's phone screen as 'Alex band guy'. Self-deprecating is a speciality the band deal in, but they always seem to be at their best when they're not taking themselves too seriously. The fact that they have never taken themselves seriously (and probably never will) says it all.
Despite being recorded entirely in California, the band remain loyal to their humble northern roots, (Alex has not started feigning a strange American accent before you say anything). Perhaps, it's the influence and pull of his childhood pals and fellow bandmates that keeps him locked down to earth but losing themselves in LA is not an option for this band.
Boasting a seductive quality, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? sees Arctic Monkeys steer in a direction that never dips. It's not often we see them skirt the line, but you'd be forgiven for questioning whether Turner is slowly transforming himself into Dr. Dre. To their credit, the band continually toy with your emotions and drummer Helders is the group's secret weapon they unleash on under-prepared ears time and time again, rocketing themselves to the top of any chart they set out to conquer.
Finally, Arctic Monkeys have demolished the festival of all festivals (aka Glastonbury) when they stormed their headline set back in June. They have achieved nearly all their is to achieve, so their current focus on cracking America once and for all feels fit. These alternative grooves they now deal in are the musical embodiment of a Matador. They have a wealth of experience secured behind them are they aren't afraid to knock everything out of the park they come into contact with. We don't know what yet, but they're gearing up to take on something  so otherworldly it's unimaginable for us mere humans. Let's leave it to the immortals shall we?

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