A Lovely War 'Ezra'

Blending the creative talents of Sean Keogh and Patrick Hughes, A Lovely War is the product of their efforts, a newly formed Liverpool-based duo sculpting psych swirls ready to blow the music industry wide open. Their EP Ezra is an early taste of what's to come from this promising pair, and if Liverpool keeps throwing up raw talent in the vein of A Lovely War - NME might finally shift their omnipotent focus away from the B-Town scene to the northern bunch.
Acting as a snapshot of where they're currently at, Baby, Don't Be So Defensive serves as an emotional plea to a lover, and there's plenty of talk about what happened last night and 'where to go from hear' which raises lingering questions but we can let it slide for now. Beneath their light-hearted frills, there's a moody intensity flickering away with no likelihood of burning out anytime soon.

Whilst they may appear indebted to Vampire Weekend, particularly in places such as on hilariously ironic title-track Ezra, they can be forgiven as they fuse their 'borrowed goods' with aspects of reggae. An interesting move that sees a divide visualise between them and the rest of their fellow Merseyside music makers.

Final offering, Maxine, We're Alive! feels fit to soundtrack a Mario Bros Adventure, incorporating touches of a playful nature. It's rich, layered jangly twangs are the secret weapon to this EP and it becomes evident on this departing number why it was saved for the end. A Lovely War are destined for stages beyond their reckoning, a slot on Glastonbury's BBC Introducing Stage and an opportunity to show that they can hold their own playing further afield, rather than cutting their teeth on the Liverpool gig circuit is just what they need. Keep an eye out for this duo as they aren't set to disappoint anytime soon.


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