Sunday retro hour: The Smiths 'Barbarism Begins At Home'

The Smiths are a special band (always have been). You could argue that the main bulk of their appeal, stems from how relatable they are. Fans of all ages find that little something in their songs that glamorises the teenage experience and existence. In February 1985, the band released their second studio album, Meat Is Murder. One of the standout tracks was Barbarism Begins At Home. Although critics weren't impressed with this tune, it's one that should definitely not be dismissed and here's why...
Fans have fawned over Andy Rourke's integral bassline ever since its release. To his credit its Rourke's contribution that carries the track through. Although Morrissey's yelps of pain are another highlight. Many have labelled this track as dull, but it has an undeniable funk coursing through its veins. Johnny Marr tempts us with a few blazing riffs here and Morrissey punctuates with an air of artistic gloom there, however its Rourke's snaking bassline that nobody could ignore if they tried.   
Wickedly infectious, the band continued to push themselves on Meat Is Murder and nobody else was making music like this in 1985. It wasn't a surprise when they got better with age. This track is undoubtedly one of their finer moments, even if it doesn't appear on The Very Best of The Smiths.
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