Catfish and The Bottlemen 'Pacifier'

Each Monday, as part of XFM's 'Summerfest' series, the radio station will deliver a free download from a band or artist who are expected to turn heads and make a scene on the festival circuit this summer. Previously featured on Rock Revolver with their debut single Homesick, Catfish and The Bottlemen are the latest band to release a free download for XFM's Summerfest.
The Llandudno four piece are back with the B side (to Homesick). Pacifier reworks thrash guitar elements from it's flipside, once again proving they're not afraid of a big chorus. Whilst the catchiness of Homesick was undeniably good, it hasn't been employed on this track. Although, guitars swirl here and fizz there, leading us to the revelation that the band's calibre must reach a high standard if they produce B sides like these. Occasionally, it feels as if this track almost outdoes it's A side. Almost, but not quite.
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