With many bands centred on a vintage sound, it can be hard to stand out. East London based Telegram use this to their advantage, drifting away from that paisley serenity that a lot of new bands have perfected; The four piece aren't afraid to lose themselves in a tangle of drug-induced drones and washed out garage riffs. With a reputation on the rise since their session for Marc Riley on BBC6 Music, Telegram have an abundance of charm to spare, only adding to the appeal of their dreamy texture.
Draped in sprawling guitars, There Is Nothing sees the band taking cues from fellow musician friends The Horrors. If the track's ingredients were to be presented before us, we could identify them as equal parts wildly infectious guitar solos and trancey rumbles. Despite not having much experience in the gig area, Telegram certainly know what audiences require. Whilst, not set to make an appearance at this year's Glastonbury Festival, their psych sounds seems fit to be unwrapped by a Glasto crowd in the blazing heat and squelchy mud.
Essentially a sexy guitar record, Folly contains sleazy sizzles that rip through you, as a listener, at an unrelenting pace. Continuing their policy on stylish guitar solos, once again you can find them embedded into the heart of the track. Eons is a bit of a slow burner, but when it warms up; the substance is hard to ignore. Ultimately, its a continuous build towards that which everyone is waiting for. Although, in places it feels like it doesn't quite reach the heights we were expecting.
The highlight of all their tracks so far, Follow taps into a far out sound and pulses with urgency. Its compulsive foot tapping nature will sweep you into Telegram's world where everything sounds huge and grandeur, a world where everything is coloured by psychedelic tinges and we all lost our minds sometime ago. If you like your bands who know how to evoke a buzz, making you dance (or at least bop) until you get stitches in your stomach - then look no further.
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