Sunday retro hour - Pink Floyd 'Another Brick In The Wall'

Sunday retro hour is a brand new feature on Rock Revolver that will focus on the past, allowing you to relive music's glory days. Each Sunday, we will deliver snippets of rock's defining and finest moments, whether it be legends, iconic bands or artists that never received the acclaim they deserved. Pink Floyd's track Another Brick In The Wall, from the 1979 concept album (and eleventh studio album) The Wall, is a great place to start for many reasons.
Split into three parts, part two arguably stands out more amongst the trio and is also more recognisable. For many, it's one of those tunes you've heard before without knowing the full details. Brimming with double negatives ("We don't need no education" and the equally brilliant "We don't need no thought control") the band tempt us with distinctive guitar hooks, classic licks, strong and steady drums and an iconic bass line. The guitar solo is something else - smoothed out and placed on a pedestal, it really feels like this could be the highlight. The disco beat may be unexpected, but it works and they never sound unlike Pink Floyd which can only be seen as a positive.
Essentially a protest song, banned by the South African Government for its supposedly 'corruptive' influence, the plot is simple. After being insulted by a teacher, a dream is played out of kids in a school protesting against their abusive teachers. The track communicates there being a personal wall separating a boy from the rest of the world - the teachers are just another brick in the wall.
Influential, intoxicating and appeasing a cocktail of genres, lock into this sound because this is a taster of Pink Floyd at their best. Remaining indebted only to themselves, this unapologetic racket (and band) will remain forever in the history books. It's part of the foundations of music and the iconic status it holds will never be diminished.
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