Miles Kane 'Don't Forget Who You Are' Album Review

90568Voyaging on a full spectrum of influences, the follow up to 2011's Colour of the Trap, Don't Forget Who You Are sees Miles Kane pair anthemic tunes with equal parts 60s beat infused pop, 70s glam stomp and 90s Britpop. Cranking up the style factor, his most glam record to date sees Kane fashioning sassy tunes paired with razor sharp song writing (and the odd cliché thrown in here and there). Old pal and music icon Paul Weller lends a hand for good measure, displaying further evidence that Miles is more than just the man of the moment; he's the future of music.
With mind blowing texture, kooky hooks and retro riffs, Taking Over bleeds perfection and serves as another reminder of the exhilarating atmosphere only Kane can craft live. This elation is hard to come by in an ocean of mundaneness, but in recent years the Wirral riddler has felt like he has something to prove, that he's more than just Alex Turner's mate - this is where his top quality work originates. Flowing directly into title track Don't Forget Who You Are, listeners uncover three things: Miles' determination to shine is unrelenting "I'll shine so hard, I'll stand apart", being stylish scores you serious brownie points in Mr Kane's book "I like your style, you make me smile" and finally Kane tells us that although we may be "tongue tied and breathless". We shouldn't let our worries "dictate who we are".
The inspiration Miles vibes is undeniable. He really goes for it on Better Than That, exporting hard-hitting stomps, blasts of confidence and carpe diem mentality. Tender Out Of Control instructs us to "rock as we roll", whilst also bubbling with an impressive string arrangement. Cue all comparisons to Lennon. Returning to his overzealous, puppy dog excitement ways Bombshells and Tonight kick the record up a notch, both containing a thrilling intensity. The snarling vocal delivery is an aspect that makes these tunes unforgettable.
Dripping in skiffle beats and fuzzy guitar lines, What Condition Am I In? finds Kane in a lively state, never losing sight of his ability to pen catchy tracks. Slowing the pace down once more on Fire In My Heart, the tune unintentionally balances in the same vein as Oasis' song Half the World Away. Stand out moment featuring former Jam member Paul Weller, You're Gonna Get It sees Miles' sticking true to his word when he tells us he's going to raise his game. Soaked in riffs so hardcore it makes the listener tremble, Miles asserts himself as no longer the one to watch, but one other artists should be taking tips from, and normal folk should note how he conveys a sea of cool into everything he does.
Normally, approaching the end of an album would see musicians slow it down; not this artist. Kane flirts with frazzling riffs and sauntering slices of rock. Addressing the sore subject of ex-Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse on Give Up, he states "you're pretty, good looking. But I'm looking for a way out" whilst ordering her to "give up control". Ouch! Closing number, Darkness In Our Hearts urges us to be ready for it, whether it is the domination Miles is casting over the music industry, it remains unclear.
Miles Kane is always good at impressing with whatever he comes up with, whether it be co-fronting projects with famous pals or striving vigorously to claim the title of most stylish musician. His eager to please nature rubs off well, leaving a lingering impression that he's worked his way to the top, and now it's time to bask in the glory that Don't Forget Who You Are will undoubtedly bring.

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  1. I bloody love Miles Kane :) x

  2. I loved his first album but i'm not a massive fan of his more recent stuff - I didn't think 'Don't Forget Who You Are' was all that special. How different is this to his first album??

    I post loadsa new music on my blog too btw so i'd love it if you checked it out! x

    1. It's a bit different, it sounds like Miles has taken a slick and rockier approach to music and it does suit him, there's just elements from the debut missing on the follow up.

      I'll definitely check out your blog!