Clever Criminals New Tracks

Last time we met Liverpool's Clever Criminals, they were crafting impressive guitar tracks. Continuing to employ sleek chord progressions, the band still leave it to the riffs to do all the talking. Although, it does appear as if their sound has ploughed into new territory on brand new track What Are You Waiting For.
Propelled by familiarity, the riffing remains reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys circa 2006 on No Buses. This part is not the only aspect that feels borrowed, the opening is well placed, although strains of Jake Bugg's Country Song may creep into your mind. Deliberate or not, its a mellow listen containing a tranquilising edge - it just doesn't feel like a Clever Criminals record. The band are known for their snarling slices of rock and it doesn't fit the criteria, the hooks are epically catchy though.

Likewise, on Teenage Hypnotiser it feels as if the band have borrowed elements from Arctic Monkeys' 2006 album Favourite Worst Nightmare and stitched it all together. It's not necessarily a negative, everyone has their influences and Clever Criminals' fondness of the Sheffield group reminds us of only one other fixation: Oasis and The BeatlesGallagher & Co often generated tunes in the same vein as The Fab Four. Hi Shakermaker and Up In The Sky, but it never really tarnished their music (or credibility).

The positives of Teenage Hypnotiser strongly outweigh the negatives. Joe Tarpey's baritone vocals complete the track. Once more, the band's penchant for sonic riffs shimmers but ultimately it's a brooding number to get stuck into.

Their most original offering to date, Adore The Immature advances with spiralling riffs and enduring anthems. No frills attached, it doesn't pretend to be anything other than it is. A tune containing as much substance as this is a sure fire hit, especially when paired with memorable lyrics. It is tracks like these which will take Clever Criminals far. The band have their strengths and weaknesses (like any), and whilst there is room for improvement Clever Criminals have certainly got the goods (and the guts) - the only question is how far can they take it?

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