The Wytches

Psych revivalists The Wytches continue 2013's take on psychedelia with their snarling instrumentation and paisley vibes. Consisting of Kristian Bell (Vocals/Guitar/Organ) Mark Breed (Guitar) Dan Rumsey (Bass) and Gianni Honey (Drums) the band have described their brand of sound as "surf doom" and stand in line amongst fellow psych rockers Temples as poster boys for the resurgence of psych-flecked audio. Since forming in late 2011, The Wytches have cast a spell on Hate Hate Hate Records who they're signed to, and now reside in Brighton where they are paving the way to becoming one of Britain's greatest alternative acts.

Listening to their track Beehive Queen, one thing is clear - the group sound like they have devoured Arctic Monkeys' back catalogue and reissued it with a psychedelic edge. The appeal of this dark and cynical psych band, is summed up neatly through their killer riffs and sense of menace, each track communicates to the listener. Devilishly acidic undertones linger in abundance and leave a sour after taste, and whilst it's more of a hazy strain of 60s influenced rock - the flower power is still there, tiny yet visible. Tripped out and ready to brew a storm; The Wytches are in a league of their own.

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