The Anecdotes

When dream indie and post punk collide; the product is bound to be epically delicious. This is a sound we are treated to with Warrington four-piece The Anecdotes, who describe themselves by saying "If Foals, Peace, The Cure and The Strokes had a lovechild". Whilst this may seem arrogant at first, one listen to the band's latest EP Origami Waves proves they are able to crush that arrogance with rock growls and heady riffs.

Opening number, Origami Waves captures The Anecdotes’ trademark beach grunge noise, with hints of heaviness thrown in for good measure. Lingering vocals are employed, along with smashing drums that really hammer home how talented the band really is. Kaleidoscope, a more subdued number infected with tasteful hooks and tumbling grooves, proves just how far the group can stretch artistically.
Fell Into A Dream is also a mellow number, with tender moments here and blissful chords there. It’s rare that such an upbeat band is able to produce a headrush of calm and sentimentality. Final number, Sepia Fields is drenched in beach grunge vibes (once more) and shimmering exquisiteness. Deliberate or not, the group manage to sound like The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club, yet their psych tinge seeps out and formulates this track into something better than we could have hoped for, eliminating all other competition. From the EP, two things became apparent: If The Anecdotes' continue to craft music in this fashion, soon enough they will be basking in success. Secondly, this plush collection is enough to ensure a flock of keen fans will always be rooting for them.