Silent Cities debut EP 'Eigenlicht'

Blissfully obscure and channelling a sound so tender and atmospheric that it puts the likes of Ben Howard and Bon Iver to shame. Eigenlicht (translated to mean intrinsic light) is the debut EP from experimental solo artist Silent Cities. Released on 18th May, the selection features a broad array of achy chords and tender melodies, Eigenlicht is a brewing debut which will wet your appetite for more.
Opening with Global Aerobics, strummed lullabies swirl and vocals so powerful and piercing are employed. The introduction implodes with dramatic effect and angst-ridden verses. As vocals flutter, the melancholic tinge is one which settles nicely, crafting a pulsing heartbeat to the track before ending abruptly and progressing to next tune Haptophobic. Fragile and delicate to its core, the second track disembodies the senses and separates them into a floating mixture; with tracks like these it's hard not to feel weightless, disorientated and perpetually dreamy.
Whilst D&H may only be a B-side, it comes across as so much more. Embedded deep into the foundations of the track is the trademark polished disorientation that Silent Cities has perfected. A subdued little number with infectious vibes and sweeping melodies, D&H contains just as much power as the previous tracks and is definitely a highlight of the EP.
Whilst much still remains unknown about the man behind Silent Cities, this is okay for now as his music is so blissful and far out you'll forget where you are (something that can only be seen as a positive). Continuing to make sounds like these will soon receive Silent Cities the attention he deserves; keep an eye (and an ear) out.

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