Shooting Stansfield 'We Know Not What We Do'

Scotland have produced a plethora of musical delights in recent years, and Edinburgh based band Shooting Stansfield are amongst those Scottish wonders.
After penning three EPs, charting their youth, the indie folk four piece are back with infectious intensity on their brand new EP We Know Not What We Do.
Thundering into view with Blue Turns Black, Stewart Douglas' vocals remind us of EP title "We know not what we do". The track bubbles with a sense of promise and eagerness to please. What works well, is that its an easy going number, allowing you to ease into the record smoothly. With nods to Ben Howard, Greater or Lesser is punctuated by unrelenting loose riffs and sing a long choruses.
Taking it down a notch with Sign of the Times, the simple instrumentation allows the emphasis to be altered, shining a bright light on Douglas' flawless vocals and Stephen Whipp's melodic guitar drawl. Satellites is a shimmering tune, lyrically rich and caked in cascading riffs, whilst guitars swirl on this cosmic anthemic number. Continuing their take on nu-folk, Shooting Stansfield edge towards the close of their stunning EP with fifth song There Are No Greater Truths. Utilising a more electric sound, the throbbing beat of the drums weaves the track through to its finish, whilst everything else simply slides into place.
Final number, State of Mind is measured sharp and infuses an explosion of spewing riffs into your mind. At just over a minute long, it's short and sweet but has a massive impact. On the surface, Shooting Stansfield sound like the epic lovechild of Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit but delve a little deeper into their unwavering blast of indie folk; the band provide that much needed dose of diversity to both, the Scottish music scene and the resurgent indie folk scene. If they continue in the same direction, then they could really be on to something.
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