The Colliers

The Colliers are a five piece indie rock band from North Lincolnshire, brimming with potential and slices of authentic rock'n'roll. Last year, the young band showcased their piercing talent and blissed out lad rock to audiences at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival, as well as a slot at Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Official After Show Party in Liverpool's 02 Academy. Following last year's triumphs, North Lincolnshire's most exciting emerging band are set to record their first EP, entitled Who Forgot The Parachute.
Their latest offering comes in the form of Kids, an insanely hummable track with a streak of experimentality. Whilst the opening sounds similar to Noel Gallagher's (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach, there are distinctions that mark their differences, although the vocals do have a tendency to drift into the elder Gallagher's territory at times. The breezy, soulful jam takes it to another level as we approach the forty five second mark. With a heavy strumming sequence, chugging guitars and a satisfying ending, we are left both in awe of The Colliers and eagerly craving more from them.
The Colliers are set to appear at Crooked Ways Festival in North Yorkshire this June.
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