If you like your music with a tinge of unpredictability then South London trio DogGone are the band you need in your life. Their presence is growing in strength rapidly, and they are outspoken in a manner that bands rarely are these days. An example, extracted from the group's tumblr page reads, "We'll make the record we want to make and we'll take over the world with it." You have to admire their determination, if nothing else.

A listen of their latest track Romance reveals a dark swelling number with tender moments and grungy hooks. It grips you with a mellow aggression and the chugging guitar riffs are delectable. DogGone have formulated an electrifying track, one that could be compared to the early recordings and sound of Nirvana. The only distinction is that this band are ear scouring, in a way that is modern and reworks the classic 90s grunge sound. Immerse yourself in DogGone; you're in for a treat.
You can download DogGone's track Romance for free via their Facebook page, alternatively you can leave a donation of your choice.