Daft Punk 'Get Lucky'

With the striking falsetto of Pharrell Williams and recognisable guitar riff from Nile Rodgers, electronic duo Daft Punk's latest offering is a chilled delight with tumbling grooves and resurgence of the 70s seeping from its core. It's hardly a transitional record, yet the french duo have constructed a devilishly catchy tune, especially with lyrics such as "We're up all night to get lucky".
In the same vein as previous efforts, Get Lucky has disco funk vibes glinting through and the track's crisp production enables them to take it to the next level. This may be the first song Daft Punk have released in eight years, but this breezy jam will certainly see fans aching for more. All will be revealed with the release of their next record Random Access Memories on 21st May.
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