Clever Criminals

Clever Criminals are a snarling rock'n'roll group from the North West crafting impressive guitar tracks and charming a legion of fans onto their side. Having won Liverpool Rocks: Battle Of The Bands last year, the band consisting of Joe Tarpey, Scott Adair, Patrick McKeon and Marc Terry are ready to conquer with their fresh sound that leaves you wondering why you haven't heard of them before.
Their newly released demo She Said opens with a fast paced guitar riff, before all intensity is dropped allowing vocals to blossom and hearts to fall wildly in love with these northerners and their slice of fired up rock. The demo is laced with a thrilling beat and relatable lyrics that you will no doubt be singing along to. Their chord progressions are sleek and perfectly placed, leaving listeners hooked and aching for more of their electrifying masterpieces.
Whilst Clever Criminals have not yet received much coverage in the media, they are gigging on a magnitude that cannot be ignored, with other upcoming local bands. If you want to catch the group live then head down to their show at Elevator Studios this Saturday (6th April) in Liverpool.
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