Beady Eye 'Flick Of The Finger'

Marking their glorious return with transitional Flick Of The Finger, Beady Eye are back and ready to drop the follow up to 2011's Different Gear, Still Speeding. With the second album, Liam Gallagher made it clear he was taking a new approach, and if this is the result of his 'experimentation' then the group's forthcoming album BE will be infectious.

In the same vein as 2008's Dig Out Your Soul, Flick Of The Finger has a sense of menace tucked away beneath rich layers of Gallagher's vocals and heavy thrumming of guitar. Oasis vibes are thrown in for good measure, but it's hard not to achieve that sound when your band consists of former members, although the vibes are subtle compared to what we heard on Different Gear, Still Speeding.
The circling chorus and chest thumping beat is enough to ensure Beady Eye's latest offering is at the forefront of your mind for hours, even after the audio fades out. Despite being released to mixed reactions, front man Liam Gallagher claims the track is "majestic" and it may not sound that away upon first listen, but stick with it because it's a grower and (musically speaking) Liam is hardly ever wrong. If anything, we should treat final line "tear a million of you to pieces" as an indicator of what's to come.
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