The Electric Stars 'Sonic Candy Soul' Album Review

Hailing from Manchester's competitive music scene, The Electric Stars are a psych rock'n'roll group with slick guitar riffs and bold catchy lyrics embedded into each of their songs. Their debut album Sonic Candy Soul is appropriately named, as its sweetness is the prominent thread linking tracks together.
Opening number 136 begins with a swirling enchantment of frontman Jason Edge's captivating vocals, "Beautiful music for beautiful people" before bursting into a vibrant instrumentation reminiscent of David Bowie's 70s era. A wise introductory choice for the record, the track finishes with a pumped up chant that leaves you wanting more. Between The Streets and the Stars is a slicker, prowling number, combining elements of a punk nature with the steady hum of glam rock and nineties revival. The chorus is so catchy; you'll be singing along after an initial listen. However, the group slow it down in the remaining seconds with a psychedelic twist, spiralling directly into the coy tune of Alison Williams. It's a fragile, heartbreaking ballad but it provides the listener with a break from the upbeat rhythms of their other tracks.
Foot tapping I Want You, is a self-assured number leaving you fuelled with rock confidence and untouchable swagger. The stripped back Rolling Stones esque vibes remain in under layers, evoking an excitement for how far the band can take their sound. Once again the psychedelic undertones are present. Acoustic strumming style crooner Blind fills you with eternal hope that everything is going to be okay, making for a brilliant charity single (if it was ever to be released that way). Ensued by  edgier Who's Gonna Satisfy Me?, this is a budding rock number which speeds and drops in all of the right places, combining explosive guitar solos with mellow bass grooves and lyrics we can all relate to such as "They expel me from school for being experimental."
Stoned Again takes on Blur's droning Britpop quality, a heartfelt number with real soul tucked away in abundance. Continuing a dreamy, lethargic pace on Old Fashion Girl, it feels like you are hidden in an eerie smoke landscape of the subconscious, punctuated by the occasional stylish guitar chord. The pace is picked up as we descend into the latter half of this emotional ballad, before returning to its former pace. Taking a different direction with Not Man Enough, this glam rock tune will have you out of your seat dancing to the killer riffs and punchy lyricism of Manchester's hottest new band. There are definitely some Britpop style vibes thrown into the mixture, but that just adds to the fun.
Showcasing an intensity that is difficult to accomplish, The Electric Stars bring their showstopping debut to a close with final tracks Bedtime Stories and Isolation. Whilst the former taken on a haunting quality paired with unforgettable vocals, the final track contains an apprehensive opener placing you in a reflective state and leaving you in wonder as to where the band will take their sound and success next. This record was much better than anticipated. The combination of 70s glam rock with 90s Britpop revival is a sound that works so well when paired with the right vocals. Sonic Candy Soul is a staple for any music library. Get this in your life now.

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