Pretty Silhouettes EP 'Enjoy the Ride'

Sounding like Arctic Monkeys circa 2007's Favourite Worst Nightmare era, Pretty Silhouettes are the Merseyside masterpiece consisting of Aaron Rogan (Guitar/Vocals), Graeme Wallace (Bass/Vocals), Levi Wilson (Drums) and Jake Wilson (Guitar).

The group's debut EP 'Enjoy the Ride' was released shortly after a disastrous incident, which lost the indie rockers a project they had spent six months recording. However, the group have now said the tracks were recorded to a better standard the second time.

Pretty Silhouettes cite 90s Britpop as a major influence on their music, as it's what they were brought up listening to, and their tracks reflect this. Opening number Friends Like These contains killer guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. There are many comparisons to be made to iconic bands here, but quite frankly this song is brilliant in it's own right. Cocaine Wars begins with a slow and sultry strumming that entices you to keep listening. Seconds later, the explosion of guitars and vocals take over. This track is darker and holds a grunge feel, immediately transporting you back to the height of Nirvana's fame.
The third tune Arrowe Draws Cats has Vaccines esque undertones that progress as the song builds. If organised chaos was to be personified; it would be this song. The Britpop theme returns too, as the guitar solo channels that legendary sound well. As we delve further into the EP, we meet a track called Born to Hate. This is my personal favourite as it is one of the lighter songs from the collection. It would have fit in well on The Libertines' debut album. The recurring guitar riffs paired with punchy bass and consuming drumming is the perfect combination. If this track doesn't get you hooked on the band, then I don't know what will.

As we approach the end of the EP, we are struck by Time to Kill, whether deliberate or not, it feels as if this is the follow on from previous tune Born to Hate. Both are equally good, but this song specifically plays upon the group's garage rock elements. The DIY stamp is securely stamped on this track. Final song The Project gives off major Stone Roses vibes, the shy bass chords peek out and add a nice touch. Although, what really completes this record is the mood it manages to put you in. You feel as if you're crowd surfing to your favourite band and nothing else matters, it's that euphoric sense that this track manifests incredibly well. If you're looking for a song that condenses the sound of the 90s into six minutes and thirty four seconds, then The Project is what you need in your life.

Pretty Silhouettes' EP 'Enjoy the Ride' is available to buy from iTunes now. I would strongly recommend purchasing this, as it will become a staple in your music collection.

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