ME and Deboe EP

ME and Deboe are a rocking new duo that you cannot pinpoint to a specific genre. Comprising of Mercy Elise (Vox/Acoustic Guitar) and Sarah Deboe (Vox/Acoustic Guitar), these ladies have personalities as fierce as their vocals.

Bringing that much needed feminine DIY touch to the music industry, their debut EP is crammed with five wondrous tracks, guaranteed to make you fall for them. Most notably, the pair have distinctive melodies and killer guitar strumming threaded throughout each track.
The live version of 'Frustration Song' is one that most people can connect with on some level. It's angst fuelled, it's fierce and more importantly their electrifying vibes are a crucial element that cannot be ignored.
It is interesting that the duo choose to cite Bob Dylan as one of their influences, as there is a slight Dylan esque tinge to their sound and it works incredibly well. Moreover, ME and Deboe are a striking duo reworking the infamous girl power, with a raw twist of their own. Check them out now!
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