Icons of the 80s Part 4 - The Cure

The Cure are an English rock band, fronted by Robert Smith, who were formed in 1976. The current lineup of the band consists of: Robert Smith (vocals, guitar), Simon Gallup (bass), Roger O'Donnell (keyboards), Jason Cooper (drums) and Reeves Gabrels (guitar).
The band originated in the late 70's, playing to an army of increasing fans under the name 'Easy Cure'. This was dropped two years after their formation, and they were swiftly signed to Fiction Records. In May of 1979, The Cure released their debut album 'Three Imaginary Boys' which was met with positive acclaim, and in the aftermath the band toured the UK extensively.
Their second album 'Faith' took the group's sound into a darker direction in 1981. This time they embarked on a bigger tour named 'The Picture Tour'. In 1983 The Cure drifted into new territory once again, this time with a colourful, electronic and upbeat sound. Following the launch of their new tone, a remarkable amount of singles were released to great acclaim, ones that to this day are incredibly well-known.
The summer of 1986 saw The Cure headline Glastonbury Festival for the first time, and a film in their honour was released too entitled 'The Cure In Orange'.
'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' an extraordinary double album was unveiled in 1987 and included four hit singles. The 90's and 00's was filled with much of the same for the band, in 2001 a Greatest Hits album was released packed with fan favourites.
Recently The Cure played headline sets at 2012's Reading and Leeds Festival.
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