Darren Campbell 'Days To Come' EP

Darren Campbell is a singer/songwriter from Dundee in Scotland, who has recently decided to channel his passion for music into something meaningful. After a childhood of playing in various bands, going solo seemed the ideal path for this musician and has proved to be a wise decision. With an evergrowing fanbase, Darren has toured Scotland relentlessly and now his debut EP 'Days To Come' is available to download from iTunes.
Opening track 'Runaway', contains Campbell's vocals blaring out at us like an undistorted Julian Casablancas. This is certainly a catchy little number, however I personally preferred the third song on the EP 'Thinking'. This track is slightly more upbeat, and gives off vibes similar to The Kooks. Finally, title track 'Days To Come' is a song you will most likely find yourself humming along to, in addition it is perfect for those times when you feel like some quiet reflection.
Overall I enjoyed the folksy yet acoustic direction Campbell plays his music in, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.
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