Warwickshire cross indie pop duo Coves, are new to the music scene, and with them they bring tracks covering a variety of genres. With John Ridgard on instruments and Beck Wood covering the vocals; this is a musical match made in heaven.
I listened to their track Cast A Shadow, and it's not hard to imagine John Lennon creating this type of dreampop and psychedelic sound if he was still around. No Ladder has Oasis-sey vibes stamped all over it, and this heavier, rockier direction is one that compliments the duo perfectly.
The thing about Coves that really works is that they do not try to be something they're not; they are themselves through and through, and this aspect is one which is reflected clearly in their music. I am looking forward to hearing more from Coves in the future.
Coves' new single Last Desire is released by 1965 on 18th March.

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