The Rebel Light

History fanatics can rejoice as a band of brothers (yes, pun intended) from New York, are about to release their first single "Goodbye Serenade" from their debut self titled EP. Now based in LA, the band (along with their cousin from California) mixed and recorded the EP themselves. The video for lead track "Goodbye Serenade" has incorporated significant events that have occurred throughout history, it's almost like a best and worst bits of historical events. You should definitely check that out.

Their single "Goodbye Serenade" is a pop ballad with a twist. It contains the feelgood factor, whilst discussing hard hitting news and making you find a reason to care. It's an ambitious combination but they pull it off. Listen out for the piano opening which will make you feel an assortment of emotions, and the killer sound of the bass is something else.

The band are giving the single away for free and you can grab yourself a copy here


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  1. Finally, a music blogger. I have done a couple of music posts myself so it's nice to find somebody who enjoys it too :)