2013 Ones To Watch - The Neighbourhood

We are continuing the list of new music to watch out for this year, with a band that puts The Script to shame. If you particularly like any of the artists featured in these posts, then be sure to comment below and let me know I've done good.
The Neighbourhood
California natives 'The Neighbourhood' are a five piece band flickering into fashion in the black and white manner their music videos were created in. The Neighbourhood are something that appear to have been dug up in a time capsule from the past - it's all very hitchcock inspired videos and of a monochronic nature. The band ensure that information regarding themselves is kept to a minimum, by releasing only "what needs to be said". This is something their online activity supports.
The sound itself is not what you expect. Intially, from their appearance you would expect something a bit darker than the norm, something slightly folsky; it is none of that. It is alternative pop with a twist. The twist sounding like a remix of The Script, only with a few more beats and hints of R&B thrown into the mix.

You can catch The Neighbourhood touring relentlessly throughout the US and Australia in January, however for us British folk we have yet for them to announce a date.


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