2013 Ones To Watch - Jacco Gardner

I love discovering new music. It is definitely a highlight, when lists are released stating which artists are the ones to watch for the coming year. I have compiled a list of those who I think will achieve great things in 2013 - a few of them have been featured before on my blog (see if you can spot them). This list will be released in instalments over the month as to provide a greater depth to the artists featured.
Jacco Gardner
If you like psychedelic music with hints of baroque pop, then Jacco Gardner is your go to guy. Hailing from The Netherlands, his debut single was released in early 2012, called "Clear The Air". His music has that raw, experimental sound that artists were churning out in the 1970's, and with influences such as Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys, it is a sound he has reworked as his own.
In The Netherlands Jacco has received widespread recognition and column inches in the press, whilst NME said "this freaky vintage pop will make you want to wear a kaftan, get high and drink tea that tastes like grass".
If you want to catch him live he will be touring persistently throughout The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany during January and February, however he has a London date on 29 March at Le Beat Bespoke Weekender. Get down there if you can.

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