Plantman are a three piece band from Southend, whose debut album 'Closer to the Snow' was released in 2010. The band is made up of Matt Randall, Adam Radmall and Bryan Styles. The latter member may share a surname with an infamous popstar, however here there are no comparisons to be made - Plantman are a different genre (and ridiculously talented).
Their forthcoming album 'Whispering Trees' has people talking already. The songs are upbeat yet melancholic. This is an oxymoron (I know) but it works so well. If Bon Iver and The Velvet Underground had a lovechild; this would be the result. It really would.
The band stand firm on their ambition to make honest, heartfelt music. They are all about the songs and have no frills. If they seem like your kind of music then check them out now. Their second album is due for release by Arlen on January 14.

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