Icons of the 80s Part 1 - The Smiths

Anyone who knows me, will know that The Smiths are one of my favourite bands and have been for a while. However I cannot pinpoint exactly what it was, that led me to falling in love with the band.
The band were formed in Manchester in 1982, and split in 1987. There have been many rumours of a reunion in recent years, although members of the band firmly deny it. The group was made up of Morrissey (vocalist), Johnny Marr (guitarist), Andy Rourke (bassist) and Mike Joyce (drummer). The song writing partnership of Morrissey and Marr was heavily scrutinised, and still is to the present day.
The Smiths were signed to Rough Trade Records (a record company with a reputation for releasing the best of independent British music) and they released four studio albums, several compilations and multiple non-LP singles.
Although the band's commercial success was contained mainly to the UK, and their singles never charted higher than Number 10. The Smiths still gained quite a significant following behind them. They were one of the most important alternative bands of the 1980's, as the rock scene declined (along with the readership of the NME) The Smiths were seen as saviours of music. In a time when the youth were obsessed with Smash Hits and pop music, Morrissey & Co challenged societal ideals (with their controversial and often politically opposing) music and lyrics.
It has been suggested that the band broke up due to ongoing tension from two parties (Morrissey and Marr) the latter suffering from exhaustion and on the verge of alcoholism. Marr eventually took a break from the band, before announcing his permanent departure.
Both Morrissey and Marr have enjoyed successful solo careers away from The Smiths. Whilst Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce continued their working partnership.
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  1. This Charming Man is one of my favourites, but a good one they did was Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (not sure if it was a cover or not).