If you're a fan of psychedelia then you are in for a treat, as recently I stumbled across a band called Temples, a four piece from Kettering. Consisting of James Bagshaw (vocals, guitar) Thomas Warmsley (bass, backing vocals) Sam Toms (drums) and Adam Smith (keyboards), Temples will change your life with their trippy revival of a sound we grew accustomed to during The Beatles' hazy LSD tinged state, and more recently The Stone Roses height of fame.
In all fairness it is (and always will be) about the music, however it certainly helps if you have a few celebrity fans cheering you on. Johnny Marr tweeted "Good work, Temples." in response to their record Shelter Song. Yes, it may only be a short, modest comment, but still one which I don't doubt meant a lot to the band.
Bagshaw's vocals make for the perfect blend of easy listening combined with edgy 60's riffs; comparisons to The Beatles are not difficult to find. There is something about the vintage, kaleidoscopic effect that makes you feel as if you're listening underwater but floating on top all at the same time.
The Line of Best Fit praised Temples' track saying "Shelter song is a battering ram to the senses and soaked to within an inch of its life with retro references."
This is a band who I will champion with everything I've got, as I truly believe they have got what it takes to make it big.

For fans of: The Beatles, The Horrors, The Stone Roses, The Byrds and Tame Impala.