Icons of the 70s Part 1 - David Bowie

David Bowie is the man who created the image, the theatrical persona (which Lady Gaga now claims as her own) and we have seen him as the experimental artiste bringing joy to millions over the years. What is it about Bowie (born as David Robert Jones) that intrigues and captivates though? Join us as we explore Bowie's legacy and more.
Catapulted to stardom and the nation's hearts in 1969, with his psychedelic rock tune 'Space Odditity' this was enough to ensure that he would never fade from the public consciousness, even long after he stopped recording.
His cultural impact was always deliberate and focused on making a mark, and this he did. Bowie conceived his infamous hallmarks early on in his career: the theatrical narrative, outlandish styling and eyeliner.
Bowie was once quoted as saying "I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir." It could be argued that it was his unfaltering confidence, that allowed him to reinvent himself over and over again without anyone really complaining. Whilst Alan Cumming commented "He's always been ahead of the curve. He's been an artist who's constantly reinvented himself. It's not been about following a trend, it's been about pursuing his own artistic vision and developing as an artist. He's always been this person who's seeking out the new, the exciting and the other."
David Bowie has always been a complex man to understand, both in his songs and personal life, but it is these layers of mystery which add to the enigmatic stage presence we have all grown to adore. He may not have worn a meat dress, but it was Bowie who created the image and whose legacy will not be forgotten.

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