Weekly Playlist

Each week I find a few bands/artists that I have never really listened to before, and try them out. This is what I have had stuck on repeat all week.
  • Tame Impala - I discovered this band through hearing their song 'Elephant' used to advertise the new season of 'Made in Chelsea' on E4. NME and XFM are also giving this song major airplay.
  • Phoenix - My friend Emilie introduced me to this alternative french band last week, as she said they remind her of me. I will definitely take that as a compliment as they sound brilliant, and are quite similar to Two Door Cinema Club (but only slightly). You have probably heard their song '1901' as it has been used on many ads, over the last couple of years.
  • The Strypes - This band were featured in NME magazine recently, so I decided to give them a try. A few people have commented that they sound similar to how The Beatles did during the Hamburg era. Listening to their music, I can see where this observation stems from however they have a sound of their own mixed in too. I honestly believe this band will be massive in a few years - I'm backing them 100%.
  • Jake Bugg - He's my favourite artist at the moment and I've posted about him previously, but he's gotten so famous lately due to the media hype surrounding him, that I could not resist including him in my list. His album is set for release on 15th October (which is also my Birthday) and I will be investing in a copy asap. In his music, Bugg strongly resembles Bob Dylan mixed in with The Beatles; the 60's vibes are too distinct to ignore. He's like a saviour come to rescue the music industry from ruin. Some of music's greatest stars have noticed him this year including: Noel Gallagher and The Stone Roses. Jake Bugg is set to be the biggest breakthrough since The Vaccines, so make sure you keep an eye on him.