Radio 1: The Past Presents The Future

After eight years of being the Breakfast show host, it was announced earlier this year that Chris Moyles was to step down; Nick Grimshaw would be taking over. Now I don't listen to Radio 1 much anymore (I prefer xfm) but a couple of years ago when I was a frequent listener, it was Nick Grimshaw who was my favourite DJ on the station - obviously I'm delighted that Grimmy is the new host. I might even start listening again. It's not that I disliked Chris Moyles, I just found his show a tad dull as he talked more than he tended to play music.
This morning (September 14th) on the final show, each team member of the Breakfast show had a chance to thank the listeners. Here's what they said:
Newsreader Dominic Byrne commented that he "started this show when my boy Finn was six months old. Now he's nine, and we've had two other children since then. It's been a gigantic part of our lives as a family and for me personally. I feel very proud of what we've done and I don't think it will be done again. I feel very, very proud and thanks to everyone who's listened. I will miss it and genuinely from the bottom of my heart, thanks very much."
Dave Vitty added "I just want to say thanks very much to everybody who's listened over the years. I've worked with great people, and have done some great things. Without you, we wouldn't be here."
The show's producer Aled Haydn-Jones reflected on his time by saying "I was six when I played my first radio show to my Gran, I was fifteen on the day when I got my first radio show at hospital radio, and throughout the whole time, all I wanted to do was work on the breakfast show. I never thought I'd be doing it for nine years. I just want to say I love you guys and I love the audience and what an amazing place radio has been and Radio 1 still is."
Chris Moyles ended with a final farewell to his listeners "I've had best time ever, I've had a few lows, but mainly a gazillion highs doing this show. It has been my dream doing it and has been so much better than it could be.

Nick, have the best time. It's the best job in the world, you get a lot of grief with it, but it's worth going through that. Nick might have a rough time at the beginning but I hope they give him a try.

"It's been awesome, thanks to the team who've been great, and the listeners who are more than just people that listen to the show. I'm genuinely so excited and happy to have got here without being marched out of the building. Thanks to everyone who's worked on the show and all the people who've supported show. We're a tough act to follow, it's great. So long and thanks for all the fish."
If you would like to see how Nick Grimshaw's first show plays out, then you can catch him live on Radio 1, from Monday 24th September at 6.30am.